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Women deserve to know the truth about the many risks of abortion.

Abortion not only takes the life of an unborn child, but it produces short term and long term physical and psychological risks to the woman.  Women deserve all the facts before making a life-altering decision for themselves and their unborn child.


Physical Risks

-Studies show that abortion significantly increases not only breast cancer, but cervical cancer and other cancers as well.

-One in ten women suffer immediate complications; one fifth are life-threatening.

-Teens face a higher risk of immediate complications and long term reproductive damage than do older women.

-Hemorrhage, infection, perforated uterus, and cervical injury are some of the immediate complications of abortion.

-Infertility, miscarriage, stillbirths, and premature births are more common among post-abortive women.

-Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Placenta Previa, Ectopic Pregnancy are more likely with abortion.

Fact Sheet: Life-Threatening Risks of Abortion


Psychological Risks

-Studies show a 65% increased risk of clinical depression following abortion.

-Two studies indicate suicide is 6 TIMES higher for women who had an abortion than women who carried to term.

-65% report symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

-60% of women report they felt “part of me died.”

-Sleep disorders and anxiety disorders have been reported with greater frequency for women who aborted a first, unplanned pregnancy.

Fact Sheet:  Traumatic Aftereffects of Abortion


Teen Abortion

-Teens report more severe/acute pain during an abortion than do adult women.

-Approximately 40% of teen abortions occur with no parental involvement.

-Abortion of a first pregnancy carries a 30 - 50% increased risk of breast cancer.

-Teen who abort are twice as likely to experience grief, trauma and self-destruction (often twice as likely as their peers to abuse alcohol or drugs)

-Teens are 6 times more likely to attempt suicide if they had an abortion within the last six month than are teens who have not had an abortion.

-Teens are more likely to report being misinformed in pre-abortion counselling.

-Teens who abort are 5 TIMES more likely to seek subsequent help for psychological problems than are their peers who carry the child to term.

Fact Sheet:  Teen Abortion Risks

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