The Maine Right to Life Committee (MRLC), is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee and is a statewide non-profit corporation. We believe in the sanctity and worth of all human life; challenged to convince others in the truth of this belief and committed to affect positive, life-affirming change. 




MRLC was founded to protect and uphold the dignity and worth of each human life from conception to natural death. We seek to uphold the inviolable sanctity of human life by making abortion, infanticide, physician assisted suicide, and euthanasia socially, ethically, and legally unacceptable and to actively promote positive alternatives.


We work to accomplish our mission through...



Education is the keystone of MRLC's programs. MRLC educates and informs the public about abortion, infanticide and euthanasia. Maine Right to Life Committee's Resource Directory is the most comprehensive pro-life resource in the state.


Social Action
Through its educational programs, MRLC seeks to protect human life and build a caring compassionate society which will recognize the problems of women, children and families and will offer positive alternatives to the destruction of human life.


MRLC identifies, educates and mobilizes the pro-life population of Maine, building an informed community and an effective organization to restore respect and protection for all human life. MRLC strives to involve each member in its vital programs.


Position on Non-Violence
Maine Right to Life Committee opposes violence inside the womb and outside the womb.  MRLC bylaws state that membership be barred to those who engage in or promote illegal activity. However, we fully support the First Amendment rights to peaceful, legal protest.


Resource Center
The MRLC Resource Center is used extensively by MRLC members, chapters, students, schools, churches, hospitals, and professionals. Many local right to life chapters also maintain resource centers in their communities. The state Resource Center includes...

Resource Library Copies of major books on abortion, infanticide and euthanasia currently in use for distribution to members, chapters and the public.  A comprehensive book lending library.  In-depth vertical information file on numerous aspects of the life issues.  Audio-Visual Lending Library  The Audio-Visual Lending Library is an extensive resource with new items continuously being added. The MRLC Audio-Visual Lending Library is extremely popular and widely used. The collection is utilized by students, churches, chapters and community organizations. The library includes a variety of educational and motivational videos suitable for a variety of audiences


Promoting Legislation
MRLC's statewide structure is uniquely and ideally suited for coordinating support for pro-life legislation as well as blocking legislation harmful to the protection of life.


E-Alerts and Action Updates
Periodic information emails and action alerts are sent from the MRLC state office to MRLC leaders and other pro-life activists throughout the state, apprising them of the latest developments regarding the life issues and enabling them to alert their local groups and members when necessary. This statewide communications network is essential to effective education and action.


Maine Right to Life Committee maintains a presence in the State Capitol by monitoring legislation and lobbying.  MRLC seeks to enact life affirming public policy.  We seek to inform and educate lawmakers about the various life issues and the effect of proposed legislation.


Providing Expert Testimony
MRLC arranges for expert testimony at legislative and other public hearings. MRLC representatives participate in hearings and public meetings on all levels of government. MRLC is also available for consultation with government leaders and MRLC representatives have met with numerous national, state and local public officials to discuss the life issues.


Annual Convention
The MRLC State Convention provides an extensive and intensive pro-life educational experience. The convention brings to Maine nationally recognized leaders and extensive educational opportunities.


Public Relations and Media
News releases are sent to radio, TV and newspaper outlets regularly, providing information and comment on events involving the life issues. News conferences are held when necessary to provide the media with timely comment on important happenings. MRLC spokespeople constantly are called upon for media interviews with local and national journalists and commentators. MRLC leaders also participate regularly in radio and TV programs.


Hands Around the Capitol and January 22 Activities
Each year MRLC sponsors a Hands Around the Capitol rally on the Saturday closest to January 22 to commemorate the lives lost as a result of the Roe vs. Wade decision. The rally not only helps pro-lifers renew their commitment to the cause, but also publicly demonstrates that commitment to the news media and the general public. Local chapters participate in and sponsor a variety of events.


MRLC also promotes an annual bus trip to Washington,D.C. for participation in the national March for Life on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Each year more and more teens participate in the public witness and pilgrimage for life.


Pro-Life University
Maine Right to Life offers a broad curriculum of pro-life courses for pro-life neophytes and veterans alike.  Courses include beginning and ending of life courses.  Elective, non-classroom pro-life endeavors can be conducted throughout the year if students wish to earn a diploma.  There is no charge for Pro-Life University, but donations are always accepted.  Diplomas are awarded at our annual convention in the fall.   It is a great way to increase your pro-life knowledge and be a better advocate for vulnerable human life---within your family, your neighborhood and community.


The bulk of MRLC's budget comes from modest donations from individual contributing members. Chapters help fund statewide activities by contributing monies raised through projects at the local level. MRLC also gratefully accepts donations from other groups which share our philosophy and wish to support our work.


MRLC has been a success because thousands of dedicated pro-lifers have been willing to support it with their funds and their active participation. The diverse and far-reaching activities sponsored by MRLC require continuing and broad-based financing, as well as the best efforts of every citizen concerned with protecting the inherent human rights and dignity of each human being.


The Maine Right to Life Committee Educational Fund, a statewide non-profit corporation, was founded to educate the general public of the facts concerning abortion, infanticide, physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, stem cell research, and human cloning.

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