vi·tae / vee-tahy


Noun: Latin for life


History & Purpose


Maine Vitae Society is the advertising arm of Maine Right to Life Committee. Maine Vitae Society was formed in 1997 with the express purpose of using major media to educate the general public about abortion. It was long known that traditional media outlets were not providing a true picture of abortion and that we would have to educate the public ourselves if we wanted the truth to be known.


Even though it is a part of Maine Right to Life, Maine Vitae Society is quite unique. It receives no funding from the parent organization and is directed and operated solely by volunteers. All funds raised are restricted and can be used only for major media advertising. Because of the total volunteer structure there are no fund raising expenses so that virtually every dollar raised goes directly to advertising.


Maine Vitae Society launched its initial advertising campaign in January 1999 after raising more than $125,000. That first campaign which lasted three months was run on the major TV networks in the Portland and Bangor markets. Since then Maine Vitae Society has expanded its TV advertising into all parts of Maine including Aroostook County and utilizes cable as well as network.


Today, Maine Vitae Society can quietly affirm that it has run over 125,000 thirty-second commercials since its modest beginning in 1999. Even though it is on the air at various times of the year, its most intensive campaign continues to take place during the January - April period when a high percentage of abortions occur and TV viewership is high. The response from viewers, both those pro-life and those with strong abortion rights convictions, remains high and indicates that the truth is indeed getting through.


In mid-2005 after much study and research, Maine Vitae Society decided to expand its major media advertising by adding the Internet to its schedule. This was done in order to reach teens and young adults more directly. Extensive research has proven that the Internet is that age group’s medium of choice to get news and information and where a lot of its views are being formed. Maine Vitae Society has to advertise on the Internet if it wants to influence this large 12-24 age group.


We advertise on Google 24/7 to urge Maine teenagers and young adults to click onto a marvelous pro-life website, “,” owned and managed by The Rosetta Foundation.  This website was started in January 2003 and the results have proven impressive.  It tells the truth about abortion with real, current and moving stories from young girls who have aborted and have sorrowfully and painfully regretted it. It also tells the stories of girls who have rejected abortion, chosen life, adoption and a more happy future. There are other segments which describe abortion most graphically, encourage adoption, abstinence, and the development of self respect.


Maine Vitae Society is delighted with the results of its Internet advertising aimed at young people.  Since 2006, it's first full year of existence, teen abortions in Maine have declined from 483 to 197, a significant downward slide of 59.2%.


The young are the future and fortunately they are increasingly pro-life. Maine Vitae Society is grateful to have this highly effective website to promote and offer to Maine teenagers and young adults.


Maine Vitae Society plans to continue its dual approach by advertising on both TV and the Internet. It expresses, once again, its sincere gratitude to its generous donors who have made it all possible.

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