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The MRLC Resource Center is used extensively by MRLC members, chapters, students, schools, churches, hospitals, and professionals. Many local right to life chapters also maintain resource centers in their communities. The state Resource Center includes...

Resource Library

  • Copies of major books on abortion, infanticide and euthanasia currently in use for distribution to members, chapters and the public.

  • A comprehensive book lending library.

  • In-depth vertical information file on numerous aspects of the life issues.

Audio-Visual Lending Library

The Audio-Visual Lending Library is an extensive resource with new items continuously being added. The MRLC Audio-Visual Lending Library is extremely popular and widely used. The collection is utilized by students, churches, chapters and community organizations. The library includes a variety of educational and motivational videos suitable for a variety of audiences.


Booths and Displays
We develop, produce and maintain professional displays and staffs them at appropriate state conventions as well as at a number of state agricultural fairs, church, school and civic functions.


Educational Materials
We develop, publish and promote a variety of educational materials for distribution by the state office.


Citizen Education
We educates people on the American system of government and how they can be effective as citizen lobbyists, voters and members of political parties. This continuing education is carried on in the newsletter and website. We also provide information about public officials' voting records on the various life issues as well as candidates’ responses to pre-election questionnaires on current life issues.

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