Here is what teenagers and young adults have to say about the pro-life website, www.Teenbreaks.com


Julie, Age 20-23

"This is a wonderful site and as soon as I can I plan to get my young pregnant sister to take a look at it. I feel it will make a huge impact on her decision not to abort her child. She will be 10 weeks tomorrow. I pray it works."


Felicia, Age 13-15

"Wow...this site has totally helped my brother and his girl friend."


Holly, Age 20-23

"I wish I had known about your website when I was 17 and pregnant. Your stories are incredible. I wouldn't have spent so much time thinking about abortion if I had read some of the stories about abortion. I think this is a great website and I would recommend it to any young adult who is in need of guidance."


Sierra, Age 13-15

"Teenbreaks is like my lifesaver! I love it."


Rosario, Age 10-12

"These stories are really sad and I know that I will never fall to doing sex with my guy, ever, thanks to Teenbreaks !!!!!!"


Diamante, Age 13-15

"Thank you for all your help. This website really helped inform me ! #1 website I could ever find !!!!!"


Alex, Age 20-23

"This site was well done. It does answer a lot of questions and the facts are true. I was very happy to find this site."


Brittany, Age 16-19

"I love this site. It's not only informative but inspirational to teens and teen mothers who are confused and scared. I wish I could have found this site sooner!"


The following is from a post-abortive girl whose e-mail was answered by Teenbreaks who referred her to CareNet for post abortion counseling:


Reena, Age 20-23

"Thank you so much for listening. I felt so alone last night and decided to look up sites where girls share their thoughts. I didn't feel alone as I always did. There was so much that I wanted to say in that story but I couldn't...I'm glad that someone for once listened without judging and lecturing me and telling me I did the right thing. Thank you so much."

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